The Groove Mamma Goes Gourmet

Nadine Hughes delivers a stress-free approach to hosting your friends and puts the ‘party’ back into being a mom

Toronto, ON – Most moms find the job of being good nurturers, wives and working professionals a fast-forward frenzy that leaves little time or desire to gather with friends and relax around a homemade meal and some fabulous cocktails. Help, in the shape of a new e-Book, is at hand for any time-strapped, frazzled moms out there. Written by food personality, cooking teacher, mom and serial home entertainer Nadine Hughes, “The Groove Mamma Goes Gourmet – Easy Ways To Put The Fun Back Into Entertaining”, is part party planning, part menu and recipe planning, and part life coaching book all in one.

While this resourceful, accessible and entertaining e-book is focused on getting the party started without too much stress, it’s also about reaffirming your adulthood and enjoying your “grown-up time”. As Nadine, a mother of two, says about her ‘adults-only’ parties, “I’m all for family parties and get-togethers that involve the children in our lives, but I am also a firm believer that you need to make time to laugh and talk to people who don’t necessarily require you to wipe after them…”

The Groove Mamma Goes Gourmet is a one-stop party-planning resource – from providing general tips on planning and hosting a party, to providing menu and recipe ideas.  Hughes also provides many useful tips on getting organized in advance – including insights on preparing a room, setting a table as well as a detailed schedule for starting your preparations – as many as 7 days in advance – just to make partying a little less stressful.

While Nadine originally intended writing a book in the next year or so, the e-book is being released now due to an increasing call for realistic entertaining tips and menus for busy lifestyles; many of them emanating from the people who have attended her classes or seen her on TV.  “I looked to my own life and voila, Groove Mamma was born! It’s never too late to get your party groove back and this e-book is designed to help people, especially busy parents, find the energy and desire to start entertaining again. Life is too short not to enjoy good food, good wine and good company!”

“The Groove Mamma Goes Gourmet – Easy Ways To Put The Fun Back Into Entertaining” is available for purchase for $7.99 at

About the Author:
Nadine Hughes is the creator and owner of, The Cook’s Companion, through which she offers kitchen consultations and menu planning services as well as a cooking and entertaining school that offers classes for adults and teens throughout Southern Ontario. She is also a published writer and avid blogger who is often called upon for “emergency” cooking and entertaining advice. In addition to The Cook’s Companion, Nadine launched the internet based The Menu Companion in February 2008, which markets and sells comprehensive menu planners that focus on the planning and preparation of dinner parties. This concise e-book is the perfect summer stress saver – and who better to take sage party advice from than the original partying mama herself!


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