10 ways to encourage your child’s imagination

This story was originally titled “10 simple and inexpensive ways to encourage imaginative play” in the October 2007 issue. Subscribe to Canadian Living today and never miss an issue! 1. Put paper on an old turntable and encourage kids to colour while it spins. 2. Save junk mail, old envelopes and stamps for kids to … Continue reading

Am I too old to get pregnant?

Am I too old to get pregnant? By Katie Gougeon (canadianliving.com) Delaying pregnancy is becoming a popular choice among women. How late is too late when it comes to getting pregnant? Related Content – Learning to love your pregnant body – Top 10 pregnancy-related aches and pains – Pregnancy the second time around Choosing to delay pregnancy is … Continue reading

How to Optimise your Twitter Strategy View more presentations from Paul Fabretti.

Calculated Style Photography Contest

Calculated Style Photography has teamed up with WonderMoms to offer you a chance to win a free photo session for you and your family! http://www.calculatedstyle.com We are a modern photography studio that specializes in unique outdoor photography. Capturing your child and their personality is what sets us apart. How to Enter: See forum for details! … Continue reading


Where are your comfort zones for breastfeeding? Should we cover up and be forced to use a washroom stall to nurse our babies? Would you eat your lunch in the washroom stall? Since having my first baby in 1998, family washrooms are now a norm. Back 11 years ago, I had to use a bench … Continue reading

Ikea and Breastfeeding

The big bad Big Box IKEA is the latest to ostracize breastfeeding moms from their establishment. One Brooklyn mom tells her recent story of being banished to the bathroom when she tried to feed her 6 1/2 month old something other than Swedish meatballs at the store: On Wednesday I was in IKEA Red Hook … Continue reading

Ontario Farmers Alamac

Ontario July 2009 1st-3rd Clearing skies should spread across the whole of Ontario in time for Canada Day.  4th-7th Fair and tranquil.  8th-11th Showers and thunderstorms rapidly shift through Great Lakes east.  12th-15th Showers taper off and end, but cloudiness lingers.  16th-19th Unsettled conditions.  20th-23rd Heat increases, with a risk of a stray thunderstorm.  24th-27th … Continue reading

Robert Munsch

http://www.robertmunsch.com/booklist.cfm What child does not love Robert Munsch books, my kids have read every one a hundred times over. The cover page has worn out, but that is a sign of a great book. The Official Robert Munsch website you can download MP3’s and also listen to on line stories. http://www.robertmunsch.com/storytime.cfm What is your favourite … Continue reading

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My kids made their own paper at VSB

Water 1 – 2 Pieces of construction paper for color (optional) Blender or food processor Old frame Piece of screen Flower pedals, small leaves, herbs, tiny flowers, etc. (optional) Instructions: Make a paper screen by removing the glass and back from an old picture frame (whatever size you desire). Trace the outside of the frame … Continue reading