My War Against Critters

First we have the fight with the raccoons and the green food bin, two nights in a row they feasted on our Green Bin. 7:00am I am outside donning latex gloves cleaning up the mess before our dogs are released into the back tard to inhale the food thrown all over our deck. You think the first night I would learn…NOPE! Second night they return in our sleep and had a Smörgåsbord, in our Green bin again. So I now have a fight on my hands, I enter the garage, the husbands domain. Found a bungee cord, wrapped the bungee cord around the lid and around the deck rails, presto I won my battle. At least until they can figure out the bungee cord, or go bungee jumping off my deck and catapult into the neighbours back yard.

Next fruit flies, husband decides to bring the Green Bin in threw the kitchen and about 500 fruit flies swarm our kitchen. Great, problem number two this week. My Mom taught me a trick, saran wrap, Red Wine Vvinegar and a glass. Pour about half a cup to a cup of Red Wine Vinegar in a glass, wrap tightly saran wrap over the top and poke tiny holes in the top. Magic…..entertain yourself by watching the fruit flies enter the glass and panic as they have no way out. Fruit flies bye bye!!!

Third ant problem, oh why oh why do I have critter problems this week? Baby Powder seems to be my only salvation with these little working ants.

Fourth a Dragonfly drown in my kids pool this week, we scooped it up with a sand box toy. Laid it out in the sun, hoping, prayer it would survive. Sadly it died, we placed it in my Mom’s memorial garden. As the kids thought it should go be with Nana.

What a week of bugs and critters.


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