Mom Madness

New Year – No Way! Watching so many people talking about the idea of “New Year – New You” -Don’t Set Goals, Set Goals, Resolutions are Out, Life Goals are In….EEEEEKKKK!! Are you confused?? I’m confused and I help people set Life Plans in motion all the time. With all this confusion do you just … Continue reading

Why is Daddy Cryin What do you get when you mix an extremely competitive father with an even more competitive son? Yeah – a tornado of nightmarish adrenaline that’s strong enough to pick up an 18 wheeler with one finger while scratching itself, burping, and watching football at the same time. Well…maybe too much adrenaline was pumping through … Continue reading

Twitter Tips

Twitter – The (not-so) Secret Networking Tool!! How have you networked lately?  Do you belong to several Networking groups for  Social or Business purposes?  Then hopefully Twitter has been part of your networking system. Twitter is a real time – powerful networking tool for people and businesses.  Networking in 140 characters…impossible you say?  Join the … Continue reading

Tassimo Comments

“Make delicious café style coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and more at home. With our Patented Barcode Technology every brand is brewed precisely right every time.” “There are coffee makers and then there’s the TASSIMO system… the revolutionary way to make freshly-brewed hot drinks. Simply select the drink you want and press the button. TASSIMO. Perfect hot … Continue reading

Christmas Spirit and Memories

The Christmas Season is upon us once again. It is a time to share fond memories of when we were kids with seemingly not a care in the world. I can remember spending the holidays with family and friends, both in Canada and the United States. I recall Christmas in Florida where snow was just … Continue reading