Mom Madness

New Year – No Way!

Watching so many people talking about the idea of “New Year – New You” -Don’t Set Goals, Set Goals, Resolutions are Out, Life Goals are In….EEEEEKKKK!! Are you confused?? I’m confused and I help people set Life Plans in motion all the time. With all this confusion do you just want some peace and quiet, some soulful reflection?? Sure if that floats your boat! So let me blunt and very clear – ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT OR HOW YOU WANT TO PLAN FOR THE NEW YEAR! Oh did that seem a tad bit like yelling???! GOOD!!

So, I, Auntie Laurel have come up with some things to help when you are considering what to plan for yourself in the New Year!

1. Assess where you are today – what do you like, what do you dislike and what you would like to change.

2. Keep it simple – pick one thing that is easy to accomplish. Accomplishments feel great when accomplished and depressing when not!

3. Get F’d (now get your minds out of the gutter)! Get focused on whatever it is you want to accomplish.

4. Find “accomplices” who also want to make lifestyle changes and form a support group of sorts.

5. Be patient – I suggest it takes 60 – 90 days to make that new thing a habit – we usually give up after 2 weeks.

6. Ditch all those negative peeps who question your ability to achieve – kick ‘em to the curb and leave them behind in your dust!

7. Celebrate your accomplishments – do something special, have fun with friends, buy yourself that pretty new frock, etc. Whatever floats that boat of yours!

So there you are my friends – whatever you decide to do you will do great and keep me posted on your accomplishments! And remember, “It’s All About You Babe”!

Laurel Crossley-Byers, B. A.  Crazy Mom, Life Coach, Parent Educator, Certified Adult Educator and all around GoofBall!

Founder, Opti-Mom


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