New Year New Leaf

The start of a new year invokes, in some parents, the need for resolutions.  This year, we will stick to the rule about keeping the toy room tidy.  This year, the kids will pick out their clothes the night before to end the mad dash in the morning.  This year, damn it, we WILL NOT lose any socks or mittens.

The New Year is a brand new calendar page not yet introduced to coffee stains and stick figure drawings by little rogue artists.

This New Year, instead of making resolutions about what should/would/could change in our lives…perhaps we should celebrate the good.

Like the good health of our families…and if someone happens to be in poor health…then perhaps you can simply celebrate the good days.

Like the good people in your life…friends, family, neighbours, teachers, co-workers, pub mates…the twitterverse…there are good people around you.

Like the good acts that surprise you…when someone lets you go in front of them in line, the guy in the car ahead of you that pays for your coffee in the drive thru line, the gifts of homemade soup when you are sick…those are good acts.

Like the good that is done by the people that you live with…when your baby smiles, when your child hugs, when your spouse gives you the remote…that is all so good.

Like the good verbs in your life…caring, working, volunteering, organizing, praising, supporting, motivating, moderating, forgiving, loving…everyday you do a good verb.

This year, instead of making resolutions – become resolute – in celebrating the good.

New Year – New Leaf

By Caroline Fernandez


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