Tips for Your Tweens

Start Your Tweens New Year off on the Right Foot!

Welcome to 2010, another new year & another new decade!
What else is new?  For most Tweens it’s a new school term.  Now they might
now celebrate this as much as the other events I mentioned, but starting off
right for the return to class is something that it best if prepared for.

How can you make the return to school a smooth one?

Try these helpful hints.

– Get back on schedule.  Don’t wait until the night before school to get
back to regular bedtimes that most likely went amiss over Christmas break.
Start a couple days early.  Set morning alarms for regular school wake-up
time & make sure your night time routine reverts back to the norm as well.
Hopefully this will avoid the grumpy/groggy 1st day back situations.

– Get packing.  It’s time to pull out those backpacks.  Make sure they are
still in good shape.  Ensure everything that came out over Christmas break
goes back in (pencil cases, extra gloves, socks etc.).

– Try it in for size.  The kids might have received some new outdoor
apparel, but new gloves that are too small won’t cut it the 1st day back.
Make sure any new coats, boots, snow pants etc.  fit properly while you
still have a couple of days to exchange them for the right size.
Stock up!  How many times have mittens been lost, snow pants got ripped
and/or boots gotten holes in them?  Make sure you have extra on hand now.
These items are hard to find in March (when the aforementioned events
usually take place).

– Cheer up!  If your child hears you moaning & groaning about going back to
work, how do you think they will react when they are getting ready for their
return to school?  Instead choose your phrases much more carefully. Saying
things like “I can’t wait to hear how everyone’s holidays were” or “I wonder
what we’ll do in January” can make them wonder these things about there
school interactions as well.

– Mark it down.  With a new year comes a new calendar.  Sure you might have
a family calendar listing everyone’s appointments, practices, game schedules
etc., but why not go out & get your child a mini calendar (they’ll be on
sale now) for their own use.  Make sure to mark on it any important family
dates & appointments, but let your child mark in things that they might need
to keep in mind . Things like due dates for library books, assignments,
upcoming tests & even fun things like TV show premieres, days to have
friends come over, & release dates of DVD’s they’d like to see.

– Rev it up!  Winter weather can reek havoc on outdoor time.  Sure everyone
talks about going skating, skiing, building snowmen & such. What if that
blizzard or ice storm hits & everyone is trapped inside on a Snow Day? Make
sure there’s an abundance of activities to keep them entertained.  Even
something as simple as hula hoop contest can keep the hum-drums of winter
greys away!

So with this I’d like to thank everyone for reading my new Tween blog & hope
you & your family can start 2010 off on the right foot!
Cheers to the New Year

Lisa McDonald is mother to one son, works full time and part time, is an
organizer of women’s group, & Co-Host of Me-Fest – so you know time
management is TRULY important to her.

You can always find Lisa on Twitter at

One Response to “Tips for Your Tweens”
  1. Susan says:

    Great points for parents of tweens! Thanks for passing along information that is often forgotten when kids get older, seems like they get lost in the shuffle. Happy New Year!

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