What Inspires Me

Going back into the workforce, or stay at home WonderMom, that is the question…

While your husband, partner, or significant other goes out the door to their chosen career, you are left at home wondering if you are missing out? Could it be possible that after all the diaper changes, runny noses and spit ups, you actually still love your chosen career, motherhood? I suppose if you have spent years honing your skill set to be the best lawyer, doctor or retail shop owner, you may indeed feel that you are missing out. But at the end of the day when your little prince or princesses say, “I love you mommy,” it takes away the uncertainty of your new chosen career. Being the mother of four wonderful, inspiring, intriguing, insightful and sometimes overbearing little ones, it has crossed my mind more than once. Am I cut out for this, or am I making a huge mistake? However, at the end of each day the realization sets in that I need them as much as they need me. The bond between mother and child, whether it is your very first, or your tenth (insert profanity here), is always the same. It rings true with me as I think back to when I was growing up, and the relationship that my mother forged with me. We take the little tidbits of information from them and use it when the time comes in our own lives. There have been many situations where I have said to myself, OMG, I am my mother! Even as an independent, outgoing teen, we have all assured ourselves that we will not grow up to be our mother. Ding, Ding, Ding, it’s happened already.

The good feelings I get when I remember my childhood have led me to where I am today, and where I would like to be tomorrow. I know now that the inspiration for starting WonderMoms.ca is my children and my supportive husband. They have all said, “go for it mom.” The ability to be a stay at home mom (SAHM) and still operate a business that I truly believe will inspire helpful hints, laughs and above all, life long friendships is worth it’s weight in gold. In the past year or so since WonderMoms.ca became a reality, I find myself wondering, how would I have ever met some of these girls if not for this website? I do not believe it would have happened otherwise.

When you think about all of the other mothers websites you have visited and may continue to visit, do you leave feeling inspired, happy and respected or…are you going OMG, what was that all about? I know that when I decided to move ahead with WonderMoms.ca, I was intent on being supportive of others, not only in them, but also in the community. I am not fearful of other mother sites being competition for WonderMoms.ca. I think there is enough space on the internet for all of us to live and breath simultaneously. They too, are just trying to do the right thing by staying at home and being the best for their children. I am always open to taking suggestions from others, if it means that our points of interest are better served and or represented.

Some of my closest friends are “new”, having only met them in the last couple of years. This is the impact I was hoping for, a group of smart, caring, loving and outgoing girls who really care about each other and not about what is in it for them. I feel inspired and truly blessed when we have our little get togethers, whether at a coffee house or cocktails and dancing over the holidays, “Go Girls.” I always leave feeling like that was definitely worth it.

I am excited to see what lies ahead. The soccer games, hockey tournaments and slumber parties are all part of shaping our children’s lives. WonderMoms.ca is there to assist in answering any of the questions we may have of each other, and to be supportive throughout. You make me proud to know each and every one of you.

My WonderMoms.ca family in a word, “ROCKS.”


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