Welcome to February

I hope you were able to start your new year off right! Now it’s time to get those tweens MOTIVATED.

Winter blahs might make Moms less enthusiastic, but sometimes kids get more than they bargain for. Between the tobogganing, snowman building, arena hoping & weather warning watching (in hopes of the most covetted SNOW DAY), it’s hard for tweens to get excited about their studies. In my home reading is our obstacle. I do my best to seek out new & entertaining ways to involve my child reading activities, yet their is still a great amount of resistance to it. This year I’ve decided to take a new approach. I’m letting my child stay in his reading comfort zone instead of trying to make it advance quicker than he would like.

Why am I okay with this? It’s actually going to help more than he knows. He doesn’t realize he is helping himself to read. How am I doing this? By letting him help others to read. Together we’ve started our own blog. Not a reading tips blog, but a story blog. A story meant for younger children. It’s in the beginning stages, but we are taking a topic, taking a picture of it & writing just a few lines. Each post will be a page in the story & we hope parents everywhere will let their children read what they see on the screen. I’m a big fan of all Win! Win! situations & I strongly believe this idea will fall into that category. For parents of tweens who are also trying to find orginal reading ideas here’s some other suggestions.

-Trading cards, let them tell you the stats & important points on the cards

-News paper articles on topics that interest your child

-Kids Joke books. (Reading aloud is much more fun if it gets a rise out of others)

-Comic strips

-Kids magazines

-Writing letters to family & friends

-Posters with lots of info

-Restaurant menus

-Roadside signage & of course anything that involves seeing words on a computer!

Here’s to curing those blahs & in hopes that the Ground Hog wants winter to end soon!

Lisa McDonald

Lisa McDonald is mother to one son, works full time and part time, is an
organizer of women’s group, & Co-Host of Me-Fest – so you know time
management is TRULY important to her.

You can always find Lisa on Twitter at http://twitter.com/those2girls



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