Proposed Power Plant in Oakville

I have been living and doing business in Oakville/Clarkson for 23 years and am very concerned with the government’s decision to site a 975 MW power plant within 320 meters of a school and local residences.  This should matter to all Ontarians because by moving forward with this plant, the province is setting a terrible precedent – in other words this could happen to you in your community.

I believe that it is up to all of us to hold our politicians accountable and to do the right thing.  Even if you don’t live in Oakville, you can help.   So I am asking for your support.

Please enjoy the attached newsletter, and I encourage you to go the C4CA web site and join – it’s free.  After working hard on this issue for 8 months, C4CA believes that they are at the tipping point of impacting the decision.  So that means that every gesture of support matters.  This is an issue that is very important to me personally, and I invite you to learn about the issue and get involved.

After meeting with the volunteers from C4CA, and learning the facts, I have joined C4CA as a Street Captain, a source of information and awareness for my neighbours and contacts.

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One Response to “Proposed Power Plant in Oakville”
  1. On behalf of C4CA we thank you for your support. You are absolutely correct.
    We have been working very hard on this issue. And…we have been working on this issue for TOO LONG considering all of the ACTUAL data that we have collected, the real facts relating to the over taxed air shed that we already live in and the huge safety risks that would jeopardize our community generally by situating this plant so close to homes and schools. This is also an issue for all of Ontario because situating what would be the largest gas fired power plant in Canda on this particular site within 3KM of 11,000 homes and 16 schools sets a very dangerous precedent. Together we can make a difference-it’s not too late.
    Please also sign my Ford petition at

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