WonderMoms Survey and Contest Giveaway

WonderMoms has joined the EverythingMom Advertising Network, and as part of a network wide contest we are offering the Mexican Vacation Giveaway on WonderMoms. This trip will give a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) the chance to spend a week together on sandy beaches, in the surf and exploring local culture, anytime. … Continue reading


WonderMoms.ca is an online resource – geared to families – serving Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding neighbourhoods. Created to reach out to other Moms (and now Dads) to offer support, it has become a community of encouragement, friendship and strength for parents and families. In 2008, we created the WonderMoms Forum. With the assistance … Continue reading

What the heck is SEO Anyways?

So, you have a business. You have worked hard to brand yourself and create a wonderful website with all the bells and doo-hickeys you desired. Now what? Your website is up and running. You are gung-ho to provide your customers with kick-butt customer service. But where are your customers? Now what? Here is your answer….Social … Continue reading

Hey Moms, This Year Plan a Resolution that Works!

The New Year is a time for rebirth, re-energizing, and revisiting old habits. As a mom it has particular significance because it’s a time to re-evaluate our quest for balance; of family, career, social, personal & physical.  Also as mom, usually the first thing to fall off that list is personal & physical. After spending … Continue reading

Loose Leaf Tea – an Introduction

Tea is the new wonder drug.  Tea can cure anything from Alzheimer’s to that fungus on your feet.  Tea can increase your libido, and save you from that Cobra bite. It can make you sleepy or wake you up. Cure depression, make you thin and fix your bad breath. Do I have your attention now?  … Continue reading