February After Glow

STRESS:  In my previous TIP, I mentioned how lack of sleep can produce the stress hormone CORTISOL.  This nasty little devil is stresses version of the big old chocolate cake.  Here’s how it works in your system: Cortisol is secreted into the bloodstream in higher levels as the body’s response to stress. Small increases of cortisol … Continue reading

January Sponsor Link of the Month

Fit for U Fitness provides personal training services to the city of Milton and surrounding areas. It is committed to providing it’s clients with superior, customized training programs developed to meet your specific lifestyle needs. Services include personal training, group training sessions, 2-person training, nutritional consultations and summer bootcamp classes. Fit for U Fitness is … Continue reading

Tech Daddy

January 27, 2010 What better day to start a blog column on Apple related gadgets, computers etc than on iPad announcement day! But before we get to the next great thing from Apple lets back up a bit. My name is Jay Rymal and I’m a Mac.  Ok no, I’m not actually a Mac, but … Continue reading

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Shoestring Decorating – Part 1

It’s February and we’re all still recovering from the holidays…especially our wallets!  But unfortunately, our homes don’t understand that.  So if your home, whether it’s the living room or family room is looking a little bare, dull and or just plain blah, don’t despair!!!  There are some things you can do to decorate on a … Continue reading

How Do You Cope

How do you cope, SAHM, WAHM, Single Moms, Single Dads, Working Dads, Parents- does that sum it up?  How do you get through the everyday chores, working,  raising your children &  day to day life? Do you feel like you need The SuperNanny, a Chef, a Housekeeper, or do you wear all those hats? Share … Continue reading

These Are A Few of my Favourite Things

The other day my daughter asked me how Valentine’s Day started. She’s in Grade 5 so starting to worry a little bit about the message she sends when she hands the boys (and the girls) in her class a Hannah Montana valentine which says something about making cool music together.  So I explained that traditionally … Continue reading

Funny Mummy

It’s a new year, and while I’ve given up on making any formal resolutions (or “lies” as I now call them) I have to admit that there is plenty of room for improvement in many aspects of my life.  A few pounds to lose, one more work out, a carrot instead of a brownie, turning … Continue reading

What the heck is SEO Anyways?

So, you have a business. You have worked hard to brand yourself and create a wonderful website with all the bells and doo-hickeys you desired. Now what? Your website is up and running. You are gung-ho to provide your customers with kick-butt customer service. But where are your customers? Now what? Here is your answer….Social … Continue reading