January Sponsor Link of the Month

Fit for U Fitness provides personal training services to the city of Milton and surrounding areas. It is committed to providing it’s clients with superior, customized training programs developed to meet your specific lifestyle needs.
Services include personal training, group training sessions, 2-person training, nutritional consultations and summer bootcamp classes.
Fit for U Fitness is owned and operated by Melanie Ribeiro, a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist with 100’s of hours of training experience. Please check out the website to read her story.
If you’ve made leading a healthier lifestyle part of this year’s resolutions, let Fit for U Fitness give you the tools you need to get you on your way!

Testimonial –

I met Melanie at the beginning of my journey. Waking up one morning I knew it was time for a  life style change. Physical fitness and healthy eating are obviously a crucial part of any health improvement. Little did I know where this journey was going to take me but meeting Melanie certainly helped to lend to the direction.
A year later I am now healthier, feel better about myself and my life and I
have lost 40 pounds. Reflecting back, Melanie was more than just an essential part of this undertaking. On a regular basis I began to depend on my “Melanie Moments”. When there were times I felt like quitting or that my efforts were hopeless, there she was, just when I needed her. Offering me a “Melanism”, some tidbit of information or guidance that would keep me going.
What inspired me more then anything was my connection to her and her honesty about her own past expedition. Not only does she encourage people, she has walked the walk, so to speak. Having committed her own self to a life change and accomplished it, she became a true example of what can be done. She was abundantly influential to me.  Thanks Melanie “

B. B.

**Promo for first time clients – The first class you try in the month of January will be free if you mention WonderMoms.ca as their referring source!**

Melanie Ribeiro
“My goal is to sell health, not an image. What is fit for you, may not be fit for me”!!!



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